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Rob J Bradley

Rob Bradley is currently NOT a full time marketer, but

watch this space, because I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

His blog is full of really useful information,  and the FREE e-books and videos he has in his membership area are well worth studying.                                      

Rob is a bit of a jack of all trades as far as his internet career is concerned and that really shows in his grasp of what needs to be done before you even think about trying to make money on line.

Building Solid Foundations and The Busy Fool Elimination Method are the titles of two of his FREE e-books and I highly recommend you read them.

It all begins with the right plan and Rob provides the details on how tto break down your goals into bite size pieces so ou don’t feel overwhelmed.  He even provides the PDF sheets to document your progress.

I was very impressed with this articulate young man, as I’m sure you will be when you visit his site -

Listen to my interview with Rob   here

(approx -39 minutes)

NOTE:  You can download the audio by right clicking your mouse and saving to your computer if you want to.

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