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Did you know once you reach the age of forty you fall into the zone of eight chronic diseases?

These are

Why forty?

Well, apparently that's how long it takes for the toxic chemicals in our environment to build up to the point they affect your body's ability to cope, and often you aren't aware they're present.

When I began to feel ill with an increasing number of inexplicable symptoms,a few years ago, the doctors couldn't give me a diagnosis.

It turned out my teeth were poisoning me. I had to use chelation to rid myself of the mercury which had leaked from my fillings, and took steps to make myself feel better.

I began to take live, active probiotics and reduce the toxic chemicals in my life by using certified organic skincare and household products.

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Also, as you age it’s important to watch your weight and maintain your muscle strength.  

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching my weight go up and my strength go down over the years, so I enrolled in the 7Minute Exercise program to see if I could reverse both trends.

It’s worked!

Discover how exercising just 7 minutes a day, three times a week can help you lead a healthier lifestyle and get into the best shape of your life by clicking on the button below.

I’m sure you’re sceptical.  I was too, but it’s really worth taking a look...








It’s changing lives, including mine as it’s the only exercise program I’ve never given up on.  I even actually enjoy exercising now!

Every exercise is over so quickly.  

It’s NOT easy…just FAST!

Warning - If you do check it out you will be presented with a page that promotes the program as a Home Based Business Opportunity.

Don’t be put off by that.  I do it, but if that’s not your thing, don’t worry!

You can just be a member of the fitness program which is part of the NowLifestyle experience.

You can read all about it under the Products section where it’s now called .

 The Now Body Health and Wellness program.

You’ll see it enables YOU and five other people to access loads of informational videos, exercise routines and health and fitness trackers whenever it suits you for just one low monthly fee.

I know it’s hard to stay motivated so there’s a couple of very friendly active Facebook support groups you can join to get all the encouragement you’ll ever need to not give up, and one of them is just for the “Ladies”