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Darren L Carter

Darren Carter is one of those people who seems to have it all.He’s young, intelligent, a great communicator and very, very wise.

He studied politics and religion at university, and is clearly a student of diplomacy.

His attitude is one of learning and applying, always stepping out of his comfort zone, and pushing himself  daily to be the best he can be and to achieve his desired outcome.

Clearly, he’s been taking the advice of Buddah –

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  

Then victory is truly yours”

Find him here

Listen to my interview with Darren here

(approx -  31 minutes)

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Since recording this interview - Darren has gone on to do some interviews himself.  

One in particular stands out.

It’s with a very wise gentleman who survived the atomic bomb in Japan and who was so inspirational, Darren went on to write a book about the advice he gave.

"Overcome, Build, Achieve - Personal Wisdom from an Atomic Bomb Survivor." - is about overcoming your failures and obstacles in order to build a better life for yourself.At the time of writing, Darren is currently giving away the book and audio version ““FREE” so you may want to grab yourself  some inspiration here -    

                Overcome Build Achieve