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Bryce Woodard

Currently Bryce Woodard considers himself a beginner when it comes to internet marketing, but he certainly won’t remain that way for long.

With five children and in full time employment, Bryce still finds time to put in about three hours each day learning and implementing the skills needed to allow his wife to quit her “job”.

Bryce confided he spread himself too thin at one stage trying to do too much, but is now on track to achieve his goal by the end of the year.

He’s now  focusing on starting an avalanche of traffic with viral

advertising at -


You can find out more about Bryce on his first blog, which he admits is a bit confusing at


It’s a great showcase to demonstrate how  sometimes implementing everything you learn as a “newbie” doesn’t always work, but it’s a testament to Bryce that he took action.

It’s no good just knowing the theory.

What I like about Bryce is his mindset and I have a feeling unlike the title of his new blog -


he won’t be making too many “pit stops” in the future.                                  

If you’re looking to advertise your business, I recommend you check out

Listen to my interview with Bryce  here

(approx - 24  minutes)

NOTE:  You can download the audio by right clicking your mouse and saving to your computer if you want to.


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