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Alex Jeffreys has thousands of "raving fans" who look up to him as a leader.  He's become in his own words "remarkable", and incase you think that sounds very egotistical, he simply means people remark about him.

It's true.

Alex inspires people of all ages, from different countries and walks of life to take action and change their lives.

He’s inspired me, but in order to change your life you have to have a big enough reason.

You need the big "Why"?

Mine is two fold.

The first is to be able to support my youngest son, who has autism, and the second is the result of an incident, which had a profound effect on me...

One day I sat in the waiting room at our local doctors and chatted to the lady next to me.  She was the same age and in a similar situation, except for one thing…

… she was suicidal!

She confided she’d already tried to end her life twice.


Because she hated her life and couldn't face more of the same.

Her husband, she said, took her for granted, her children had grown up and no longer needed her, she was in a job she hated but couldn't afford to leave, and she had no qualifications to get anything better.

Like me, she was middle aged and menopausal, and you can certainly feel at times the best part of your life must surely be over.

It's a time of CHANGE both physically and mentally.

The actual "menopause" only refers to one day in a woman's life, but it changes things for ever as she can no longer bear children.

However, it doesn't mean her life is over – just changed.

The menopause is something you certainly can't control BUT you can control your life.

That day made me realise there must be literally thousands of people who feel like that – not just women either.

I also realised it only takes one day to change your life for ever.

Are you someone who hates your job, or spends so much time travelling or working you never have time to spend with loved ones, and even when you do, you're too tired or stressed to enjoy it?

Are there too many days in the month for the money you earn, and is there no chance of promotion or a pay rise?

Do you feel undervalued and misunderstood?

There are countless reasons why people feel dissatisfied and if you don't  like how YOUR life is at the moment just remember this  –

If you want to change your life YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

YOU can you know.

Here are some audios of students who have proven how, with a clear vision and a change of mindset, anything's possible.

They're all unique – just like YOU.

They have their own personal story, their own reason to change and none of them needed a "menopausal moment" to do it.

You don’t either.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day - make yours count.

Listen and see any of their stories will make today the day you change YOUR life.  They might take a little while to load so please be patient.


Graeme Ashe

Rob J Bradley

Rob Brooks

Darren L Carter

Richard Moloney  

Garry Parkes

Marcus Passey

Gary Simpson

Daylynne Starr

David Walker

Paul Wilson

Bryce Woodard

(More to follow  –  watch this space!)

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